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VPS Hosting

Easy VPS server  managementOur Australian SSD VPS is the ideal solution for clients who require the control of a dedicated server matched with the affordability and simplicity of a traditional shared hosting account.
Our SSD VPS hosting is powered by SolusVM and designed to give you the same level of power and control as renting dedicated server without sacrificing performance. Dedicated Gaming's Virtual Dedicated Server plans give you full root access to a wide verity of operating systems, kernels, performance graphs, and other tools to assist with administration.

Operating Systems

Select CentOS
Select Ubuntu
Select Debian
Select Windows
The following Operating Systems are available for your Virtual Machines, please note the Operating Systems are available in 64 bit unless stated otherwise : CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Windows. Please note, we can also cater for custom OS, so please contact Sales if you require an OS not listed here.

VPS Standard Features


Easy VPS server  management
Easy VPS server management

Instant Reboot Your VPS
Instant Reinstall Your VPS/OS
Instant Shutdown/Boot
Root Password change
Change Server Hostnames
Free Internal Backups
Built-in Console
Resource Usage Monitoring
View Server Statistics
VPS Managemnt with SolusVM

Multi-layered NSFocus DDOS protection.

DDoS ProtectionWe take server security and reliability very seriously, and we know first hand how much trouble DDOS attacks can be, it isn't a questions of if your server will be hit with an attack but rather when will your server be hit by a network based DDOS attack, Thanks to our new multi-layered NSFocus DDOS protection, you can rest assure that your server is safe and secure against DDOS attacks.

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