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Always On DDoS Protection

Dedicated Gaming has implemented the best anti-DDoS technology powered by NSFocus and Corero to combat these attacks. Every 10gbps port we have coming into our edge is first passed through a NSFocus/Corero Appliances, capable of filtering well past a 10gbps line rate attack. This ensures ddos traffic is scrubbed before it hits your server!.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Free DDOS Protection

Uptime is no longer based on just network redundancy. The internet has been quickly evolving and has introduced new threats, specifically DDoS attacks. We believe that DDoS protection should be a standard across all services. We offer 20 Gbps of free DDoS protection for our cPanel Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Colocation to enable our customers from experiencing downtime from most malicious internet based DDoS attacks.

Which attacks are mitigated?

Our DDOS mitgation infrastructure can protect against a variety of distributed denial of service attacks. This includes protection against common UDP based attacks typically seen against Game servers, web servers and other services. Other attacks such as SYN, ACK, and TCP based attacks are also filtered through our free DDoS protection, commonly targetted toward web servers and cPanel dedicated servers. Since our DDOS mitgation infrastructure in located inline within our internet links, there is no additional added latency for DDoS protection.

Advance DDOS protection?

One type of protection doesn't work for every application and may cause false alarms or improper filtration. So we have selected Transit providers that use different DDOS protection techonology such as A10, Huawei, Arbor to go along our NSFocus appliances. This gives us the power to fine tune the DDoS protection to meet our customer's needs. We also allow setting up global UDP blocking for web and other applications that strictly use only the TCP protocol. There are many other options and we are proud to offer the most complete DDoS protection package available.

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